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Q:  Why go green?
A:  Most cleaning companies use regular household cleaners that contain such things as chlorine, phenol, ammonia or formaldehyde.  According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, the air inside a typical home is, on average, 2 to 5 times more polluted than the air just outside – and in extreme cases 100 times more contaminated – largely because of household cleaners and pesticides. Poor quality indoor air can produce health problems such as headaches, dry eyes, nausea, and fatigue. Nine out of ten poison exposures are suspected to be from household products.  There is no reason to have these poisons in your home when you don't have to.  You will find that natural cleaning products will clean your house just as well without the health concerns.

Q:  Do green cleaning products work as well as conventional cleaning products?
A:  Yes, green cleaning products clean very well.  It sometimes takes a little more "elbow grease", however you will be impressed with the quality of clean we achieve using these products.

Q:  What if I have a favorite cleaning product that I would like you to use when cleaning?
A:  No problem, we are happy to use your favorite cleaning product.  Just let us know at the time of estimate what product you have that you wish for us to use when cleaning your home. 

Q:  What supplies do I need?
A:  None, we supply all the green cleaning products and equipment necessary to clean your home.   *except trash liners

Q:  I have pets, is that okay?
A:  Yes, we are pet friendly.  Many of our clients have pets.

Q:  Do you have insurance?
A:  Yes, we are licensed, insured, & bonded.  We also take care of all employment taxes for our employees.  *We are more than happy to provide all clients with proof of insurance.

Q:  Does someone need to be home when you clean?
A:  No, most clients are not home when we clean.  Some clients let us in before they leave for work and show us how to let ourselves out.  Some clients make us an extra key or give us their garage code which we safeguard for them. 

Q:  Do you give estimates over the phone?
A:  Since every home is unique we prefer to see your home first before giving a free estimate. 

Q:  How do you charge by the hour or by the cleaning job?
A:  We prefer to charge by the cleaning job ie.(flat rate).  However, some jobs require that we charge per hour due to the nature and difficulty of the job. 

Q:  Since you use green products and methods are your cleaning rates more expensive than traditional cleaning companies?
A:  You will find that our rates are very affordable when compared to other cleaning companies in the Springfield area.  

Q. What is the difference between ECO Cleaning Systems, LLC and a cleaning lady or housekeeper? 
A: ECO Cleaning Systems, LLC hires only background checked employees and then we train them in green cleaning.  We manage all the details of their employment, including filing all required state and federal paperwork and paying taxes on all our employees. We are also bonded and insured, so you are protected against theft, accidental breakage or accidents inside your home.  All employees are covered under workers compensation coverage. 

If you hire an independent cleaning person, there are some important requirements to be aware of.  According to the IRS, if you hire someone to do household work and if you control not only what work is done, but how it is done, you are considered to have a household employee.  If you pay your cleaning lady or housekeeper in cash or off-the-books, you are then liable for unpaid taxes.

Q:  Do you require contracts?
A:  No, we do not require that you sign any contracts.  We depend on our high quality of service to keep you as a satisfied long term client. 

Q:  Do you guarantee your work?
A:  Yes, we offer a written 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!  In the event you are unhappy with a cleaning, let us know within 24hrs. and we will come back and reclean whatever is in question at no additional charge.

Q:  Why does the first cleaning cost more?
A:  The first cleaning of your home will cost more due to the fact that the first cleaning is more thorough and takes longer than the maintenance cleanings done on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. 

Q:  How do I pay for a cleaning?
A:  You can pay by cash or check at the time of the cleaning.  We also accept all major credit cards.
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